CANVAS completes first FX transaction using Australian CBDC

3 min readMay 18, 2023


We had a great day today.

Today CANVAS facilitated the first-ever Foreign Exchange (FX) transaction using an Australian Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).

The trade, conducted as part of the Reserve Bank of Australia’s (RBA) CBDC pilot, marks a significant milestone in the digitization of finance.

At CANVAS, were on a mission to revolutionize finance through digital innovation, was selected to test FX transactions and international remittances using the RBA’s CBDC, known as the eAUD.

This article explores the transaction and the potential of CBDCs.

Setting the Stage:

Traditional financial systems have long been plagued by issues such as slow transaction times, high costs, and inherent inefficiencies. CANVAS seeks to address these challenges by leveraging blockchain technologies and embracing the potential of CBDCs, tokenized assets, and digital securities. By doing so, the company aims to reshape financial markets and unlock new opportunities for global commerce.

The First FX Transaction:

CANVAS successfully completed the inaugural FX transaction between ASX-listed DigitalX (ASX:DCC) and Fund Manager TAF Capital on May 17th.

The transaction was settled atomically ( instantaneously) and showcased advantages such as 24/7/365 FX trading, the elimination of cut-off times for international remittances, and enhanced capital efficiency for financial institutions.

The Role of Canvas’ CBDC Exchange:

CANVAS developed a decentralised app which is the “CBDC exchange” that handles the actual transactions.

The dApp operates on our privacy-focused Layer 2 Blockchain — Canvas Connect.

The exchange and L2 Blockchain offers assurances of confidentiality, compliance, scalability, and low-cost transactions.

By utilizing the RBA’s eAUD, CANVAS showcases the potential of CBDCs to enable faster and more efficient trading of Australian dollars for international currencies as well as other Digital securities and Tokenised Assets.

We feel our solution represents a significant leap forward compared to traditional FX markets and international remittance networks that have long been characterized by sluggishness and high costs.

Vision for the Future:

CANVAS is excited for the future of finance.

We believe CBDCs have the potential to address crucial challenges in FX and international remittance markets, including transaction times, fees, and accessibility. In addition we believe CBDCs, tokenized bank deposits, and digital securities will radically transform finance and markets in the coming decade, with trillions of dollars’ worth of securities and currencies being tokenized and traded around the clock.


CANVAS’ facilitating the first FX transaction using an Australian CBDC represents important step in the evolution of finance.

By leveraging the power of CBDCs and blockchain technology, CANVAS is modernizing traditional financial systems, offering faster transaction times, reduced costs, and enhanced security.

This milestone demonstrates the exciting potential of a digital economy. We hope, to reshape financial markets for the better and create a more accessible and efficient global economy.

Additional Information:

For further information about the RBA CBDC pilot, visit: RBA CBDC Pilot

To learn more about CANVAS’ FX use case, visit: CANVAS FX Use Case




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